Our Programs

My Little Patient Inc. is a registered non-government entity operating on the 501(c)3 level. We are an operational NGO, meaning we plan and carry out boots-on-the-ground projects to accomplish our objectives.

This requires a great deal of careful planning, communication, and local involvement for each project. Our goal as an organization is to accomplish the following:

  • To be a catalyst for programs and projects that advocate equal health and wellness and to address disparities that contribute to ill health
  • Be a propelling force for education that promotes sustainability and community autonomy
  • Encourage youth to develop healthy habits and lifestyles and become beacons of positive change within their communities

Kid Doctor

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Problem Statement

There is a current gap in educational curriculums and programs that specifically addresses issues of health and provide programs that . It is consistently show that youth from disparate socioeconomic backgrounds and racial minorities are put at greater risks to their health than those from higher income brackets. There is a need for programs that teach and promote healthy lifestyle choices and allow at-risk youth to gain more leadership and autonomy in their classrooms, peer groups, families add communities to become the catalysts for positive and healthy change.

Project Justification

Kid Doctor is a program adapted to supplement traditional curriculums to address issues that are typically underserved or ignored in the traditional learning environment, Kid Doctor will allow youth to become the peer elected leaders of their program that will teach, nutrition, importance of physical activity, basic first aid CPR, financial security and planning, community involvement and disease and illness transmission. These skills, when learned early will develop into healthy habits that will be continued into adulthood.

Project Goals

Completion of this project will further our overarching objectives, including: A catalyst for programs and projects that advocate equal health and wellness and to address disparities that contribute to ill health The project will also accomplish these additional goals: Develop youth leadership skills, that will prepare them to effectively communicate within their schools, families and communities. Provide them with long lasting character qualities that will allow them to be advocates for their peer group. Provide youth with the educational tools to develop healthy habits that will have an impact to promote positive future health and change, and address the gap in socioeconomic, gender and racial barriers experienced in their communities.

Project Activities

Kid Doctor will include the following strategies: Development of programming that encourages youth to develop character and leadership skills within their peer group, and become advocates for healthy lifestyle choices Provide an educational opportunity to allow schools and youth educational groups to offer alternative programming that bridges the gap in traditional programming Play an integral role in Teachers’ having additional programming to allow their students to gain real-life experience in developing healthy habits. Allow youth to experience autonomy within their peer group and their program Foster opportunities for youth to interact on a deeper levels within their families and communities to promote healthy behaviors

Stork's Nest

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Currently My Little Patient works with several partners to provide baby boxes, free of charge, to expectant mothers in the Southern Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington DC metro area.

Eligible participants are required to watch a short online education video that included pertinent information on becoming a new mom. At the end of the video they will be prompted to take quiz over the material and then they will receive a Certificate of Completion. New moms then only need to present their certificates in order to receive their baby box.

Click below to be directed to the online learning portal where you can earn your certificate today. Once you have created your User Login and Password, select My Little Patient, PG County Maryland for the Syllabus menu