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My Little Patient (MLP) has a big dream to change the way the world has access to healthcare, all the while preserving the beauty of the human spirit. We don’t want to just make people better today. We believe in creating sustainable, self-sufficient and long term healthier outcomes. By choosing to empower people and their communities through initiatives that focus on education, agriculture and leadership, we aim to make better options available, worldwide. We work together with communities to create a positive change in the world. Please join us!

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My experience working with My Little Patient has taken me across the globe, created a network of friends whom I now call family and allowed me to give back to the world by bringing my healthcare experience to others in need. When working with My Little Patient our trips are organized, ideas and information is communicated well, efficiency in seeing patients is prioritized and medical supplies/medicine on hand to treat our patients. My Little Patient cares about the people we serve and working globally to help treat and end disease.

Valerie, Volunteer R.N.

ADuring Easter weekend, I, along with my family, travelled to Washington D.C. to help out with the 2nd Annual Helping for Homeless Event. In Franklin Square Park, there were free health screenings, a clothing drive, and food given out to the homeless population. I have been volunteering for as long as I can remember at the Mother Teresa Missionary near where I live, and I have served food to the homeless while I was there, but this experience was completely different to me. I have always been behind a counter, in a way sheltered from the reality of being homeless, because I was serving from inside a church. I have never felt better directly being able to see the effect of what I was volunteering for. Knowing that I was actively making a positive difference in someone’s life was one of the most satisfying feelings I have experienced. As human beings, we are all created equal, our need to help each other out is evidence of that.

Suddah, Volunteer

Traveling to India with My Little Patient was life changing. Upon reaching Bangalore I was quickly reminded of how fortunate I am. We were greeted by smiling faces and people of all ages that were clearly in need of basic health care. Working tirelessly to help people both at home abroad, My Little Patient is an organization dedicated to bettering humanity on a global scale. I graciously accepted the opportunity to be a board member soon after our trip in 2015. Being a part of My Little Patient continues to have a positive daily influence on my life. I am thankful for my past experiences and look forward to a life long journey with the other volunteers of My Little Patient.

Edgar, Volunteer

In August of 2015, I travelled with My Little Patient to India, where I helped give fluoride treatments and Vitamin A supplements to kids. Giving people basic medical care made a huge difference in their lives, one I was able to see. My eyes were opened as to how difficult it is for people in third-world countries who don’t have doctors nearby to take care of themselves. Organizations like My Little Patient, that help people by giving them the healthcare they need, improve the quality of life for people who don’t have the means of getting it themselves. This makes not only a local impact, but a global one. In addition to learning a great deal about gratitude, I interacted with many doctors and nurses from all over the country during this clinic, and it gave me valuable insight on how the medical field really is, and what kinds of things a medical professional has to go through and deal with. I learned a lot about common problems people have to face in these parts of the world as well.

Priya, Volunteer/Intern